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What To Expect:

Dynamic Chiropractic is all about movement, so please wear comfortable clothes to move in. Athletic clothes and shoes are encouraged as you will be more comfortable during treatment.

Initial Visit: Please set aside 1 hour for the initial visit. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork if not filled out online. You can download the forms by clicking here. Additionally, please bring any relevant X-rays, scans and blood work that are related to your current complaints.

In the initial visit, the Doctor will take a detailed medical history and physical exam to best diagnose and create a treatment plan for you. If additional tests are needed, or if it is a condition we cannot treat, you will be referred to the appropriate provider. Following the exam we will discuss our findings and treatment plan with you. Treatment will begin and will include a variety of therapies. Depending on your condition and goals, we will create an individualise treatment plan for your needs. We strive to get all of our patients moving so a portion of the visit will include exercise therapy.

Follow Up Visits: Please allow 30 minutes for follow-up visits In these visits, we will continue treating and working with you to improve your ailments. A quick follow-up history will be taken to monitor the progress of the conditions and see if the treatment plan needs to be altered. The treatment, corrective exercises and patient education will take up the rest of the visit.

Mobile Visits: For those with mobility and/or transportation concerns, we offer a mobile visit, where we will come to you with our portable equipment. These visits will be in the same format as the in-office visits from the comfort of your home. We will use or portable equipment, however, we do not offer dry needling or free weight training at mobile visits. Please enquire for more information and area of service.

Functional Training: Please allow for 45 minutes for functional training visits. These visits are structured for your individual needs. In these visits, we focus on your goals. From reducing pain, improving strength, weight loss, increasing sport-specific performance, or improving mobility for the elderly. We will guide you through tailored workouts in our functional training room. Please arrive in exercise clothes. Offered in office and mobile visits.