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Our range of services to support you on your journey to improved movement and well-being.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Often an audible “click” or “pop” is heard coming from the joint. This is a cavitation, a side effect of the treatment. This is caused because joints are filled with synovial fluid, as the joint capsule is stretched due to the adjustment, microscopic bubbles are created and popped. This popping causes the sound you may hear during the adjustment.

A chiropractitioner displaying Chiropractic Adjustments

Activator Adjustments

A small therapeutic device that offers an adjustment in a more gentle and localised way. Often used in treatment of the elderly, young, or those who are uncomfortable with manual adjustments.

A chiropractitioner displaying activator Adjustments

Percussion Therapy

Hypervolt is a device that uses percussion to create vibrations as it’s moved along the body. This therapy can be performed both actively (with the patient moving) and passively (with the patient relaxed). It can help decrease muscular pain, reduce myofascial tender points, increase range of motion and provide relief from delayed onset muscle soreness.

A chiropractitioner displaying Percussion Therapy

IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage)

A tool used by scraping the skin with a lubricating lotion in order to help facilitate myofascial movement, reduction of swelling and improve range of motion.

A chiropractitioner displaying IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage)

Dynamic Cupping

Silicone cups are placed on the skin to improve blood flow, decrease sensation and improve myofascial movement. This is done while the patient is actively going through movements.

A chiropractitioner displaying Dynamic Cupping


Dynamic, rigid and Kinesiology Tape are used depending on the condition. These can help improve proprioception, decreased sensitivity, increase joint stability, decrease swelling and release fascial adhesions.

A chiropractitioner displaying Taping

Dry Needling

A stainless steel fusiform needle is inserted into the taut band within the muscle in order to treat myofascial trigger points. Please note, this treatment is only offered in our office.

A chiropractitioner displaying Dry Needling

Corrective Exercises

This paired with chiropractic treatment is the most efficient way to reduce pain and improve function. Exercises will be given in regards to the patient complaints and movement dysfunctions, they will start off easy and progress to more difficult as the patient masters the technique and their biomechanics improve. The exercises will be taught and performed during the visit using a variety of free weights, bands and other equipment.

A chiropractitioner displaying Corrective Exercises

Soft Tissue Manipulation

A variety of techniques can be used to help decrease muscle hypertonicity, improve range of motion and decrease muscular pain.

A chiropractitioner displaying Soft Tissue Manipulation

Lifting & Exercise Techniques

How we lift and position our bodies during movement can greatly affect our biomechanics leading to pain and dysfunction. We teach proper lifting techniques to both athletes and non-athletes. Whether you are trying to improve your performance on the field or picking up your grandchildren, it is important to be able to safely and effectively move.

A chiropractitioner displaying Lifting and exercise techniques

Patient Education

Lifestyle choices and ergonomics are often the cause of many musculoskeletal issues. How we sit, move, sleep, and engage in life are all factors in why we can have muscular pain. Finding affordable and realistic to implement changes to these can help decrease and prevent the pain from returning.

A chiropractitioner displaying Patient Education

Functional Training

45-minute sessions are available to improve exercise form, increase overall or sports-specific fitness, lose weight and be able to functionally move better. This includes a functional warm-up, exercise and cool-down session.

A chiropractitioner displaying Functional Training

Mobile Visits

We offer a limited number of days of mobile visits with our portable table and equipment to help those with mobility and transportation issues. Mobile visits are available in a limited geographic range. Please contact us for inquires.

An outside setup of a mobile dynamic chiropractitioner

Volunteer Events

We want to get involved in the community and help with sports medicine care at sporting events in the Upper Highway/Durban area. Please contact us if you would be interested in our help.

A chiropractitioner at a volunteer event helping a female athlete